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 Basilisk needs new home

For some reason I can’t post on the adoption site. If anyone lives in Florida (orlando) I’d like to re-home my large adult male brown Basilisk. I’m not asking a fee, I figure here most people know how to care properly for one. I just want him to have a great home. i don’t want to post on Craig’s list or other local papers, I don’t trust that the people who respond will know what they are doing and people will lie to get what they want.
I had him in a HUGE outdoor enclosure but he was unhappy and rubbed his nose raw trying to escape. He was wild caught in a themepark and I ended up with him. I’ve been advised not to re-release him. I just don’t have the time or resourses for him. Other then being older and somewhat beat up from life in the wild he seems very healthy. He eats and poops great. If you’re interested PM me

06/11/08  07:31pm


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 Basilisk needs new home

let me check with my parents and everythng i already have 1 male basilisk and an outside cage but idk about another mine was bought but untame so i am very aware and used to them as "wild" i live in polk right beolow orlando so if u still have it i will check and see =)

06/22/08  09:56am

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