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 Basilisk and Ivy

I am still new to being a lizard owner so I don’t know much yet. I bought recently a small Ivy plant with the intention of letting it grow up the cliff wall poster that I put into the terrarium. Then I read that not all plants are suitable for Brown Basilisks. Can I put the ivy plant into the terrarium or is it a very bad idea?
I put some of the other plants that i found that are supposed to be ok and he doesn’t seem to eat them at all. I would like a climbing plant though and if not ivy can someone suggest a climber that is ok for my basilisk, please.

05/19/08  03:29am


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  Message To: Vasya   In reference to Message Id: 1739823

 Basilisk and Ivy

English Ivy is ok... there are many types of Ivy though...

ok plants:

Some orchids
rosary vine

05/23/08  09:35pm


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  Message To: Yexalen   In reference to Message Id: 1744515

 Basilisk and Ivy

Thanks, now I just have to work out what kind of Ivy I bought :-)

05/24/08  04:59pm

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