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Hey everyone! I am new to this particular forum. I am around on other ones but I have a question..
I have a young iguana and he lives in a 6ftx3ftx3ft handmade enclosure and he is about 9 inches SVL and was wondering if you could house these two together...not forever obviously..but as juvies?
They are quite unique little creatures and was looking into one. What are the needs for this species?
UVB? Temps? Food? Humidity? Etc...
Thanks everyone! Nice to meet you all!


05/07/08  01:28am


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Sorry Yoshi, its not possible, they will definately fight, it can be very dangerous as well.

Here is a care sheet on the Basilisk:

05/07/08  03:25am


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  Message To: Yexalen   In reference to Message Id: 1727770


Well then... lol! I just read the caresheet and yes, they def cant be housed together mainly b/c of the temp difference and some others. They look a lot alike in a lot of ways, same with the water dragons. They also have the same habitat needs as Mountain horned some ways.

Well thanks anyways guys! I will have to look into one later then. Plus, now that I think about it, my lil iggy doesnt like his "space invaded." :)

You guys have a good one! L~

05/07/08  05:57am

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