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 Basalisks tail

hi all i am thinking of getting a basalisks . not sure yet . any way if they loose some of there tail does it grow back

04/20/08  09:42am


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  Message To: Darad   In reference to Message Id: 1709897

 Basalisks tail

they do not grow back.

04/20/08  06:24pm


Master Of Cold Blood
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  Message To: Suicidepill   In reference to Message Id: 1710389

 Basalisks tail

Well when my Emerald lost about 3+ inches of his tail when he was young it looked like it wouldn’t grow back.

Indeed it didn’t grow back to the full length and coloration.
Its not really tipped at the end either, its rounded a bit.

So it won’t grow back all the way, just a tad bit.

05/12/08  09:54am

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