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 Live Plants

Hello. I currently just finished a 6x5x5 feet enclosure for my 2 Basilisk. I am looking into getting live plants and have seen some in some enclosure pictures, that i *think* are live plants.

Which plants would be good? I have read Pothos are good, but what other ones?

I like some of the Viny ones, but am curious if they are infact real or for the vines should I just use fake ones?

Also, what type of soil can I use for plants that is NOT harmful to my lizard if they happen to digest it?

Thanks in advance!

04/17/08  08:21pm


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 Live Plants


you can use real and fake vines(ive used both).
just use regular dirt from outside(no pesticides/fertilizers)
or buy bags of normal dirt.

04/19/08  10:21am

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