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Just thought I would update him.......

(austin) <><

04/17/08  07:08pm


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  Message To: Basiliskboy911   In reference to Message Id: 1707075


WOW! nice cage and basilisk very cool!!!!!!

04/29/08  06:38pm


Master Of Cold Blood
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  Message To: Basiliskboy911   In reference to Message Id: 1707075


Awesome set up!!!

Your Bassie must be very happy. He has a lovely coloration too.

05/12/08  10:00am


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  Message To: Master Of Cold Blood   In reference to Message Id: 1732781


Hi, i don’t want you to understand me in the wrong way, i want to criticize your set up, to make you realize that you can do it better, the top is great, it has a great design and a great position of plants and all, it would be best if the plants where natural, but they aren’t and of course, its impossible to have a nice natural decoration from one day to another, SO, plant the seed from a natural plant that goes around the base and little by little take the artificial down, and my friend, the floor is horrible, make an effort to put some gravel or earth stones and sand, come on, its plastic and glass!.
I’m here not to confront, but, i have a question, I’m crazy or I’m right?

05/17/08  10:58am


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  Message To: Metalsapo   In reference to Message Id: 1738158


His plants are fine.
Basilisks dont need sand or earth rocks or gravel, they stay in trees.
Dirt would be best anyways.

05/18/08  02:57am


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  Message To: Dislimbed   In reference to Message Id: 1738844


Metalsapo- Basilisk tend to be in trees/branches far more than they are on the ground. However. There really is no "running room" in that enclosure. I’m not sure how big it is, but it looks like maybe 2feet wide, 3 feet long, 4-5 feet tall, which is decent, but again just not a lot of room to stretch out and run.

Basilisk and live plants really don’t mix as they trample all over them and the plants die really easily. However it does help with humidity, but requires ALOT of attention and more than likely you’ll be buying new plants every 2-4 weeks, which is quite costly.

05/18/08  08:47am


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  Message To: Seiryu   In reference to Message Id: 1738922


Personally i love the way youve done it. it addmittedly isnt the most attractive and natral looking set up but if your happy with it that doesnt matter.

Its the welfare and wellbeing of the lizard that matters, and i think the way youve done that is great and provides enough room and climbing space for your bassie. so good on you. =)

05/29/08  02:44pm

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