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 Metal Halides

So I have been looking all over (Mainly Kingsnake forums and google) about Metal Halide lights and Basilisk.

However, the Kingsnake forums are basically dead and it seems this Basilisk forum is too, but i’ll give it a shot.

I am looking into buying Metal Halides for my 6x5x4 foot enclosure. Now I have read that using metal halides is the way to go for healthier and brighter Basilisk. I know of a breeder who breeds 100’s of Green Basilisk a year and uses Metal Halides. However he is rarely on.

I know between 20,000-80,000 Lux is the way to go, but I have no idea what Metal Halides I could/should use. Few questions:

1. If you know anything about Metal Halides, how can I determine Lux on Metal Halides on websites? Such as websites that sell metal halides dont’t list Lux, or i’m blind and it’s listed in another way.

2. I can’t spend a lot, less than $100 but have heard you can get some under that easily. If you know of *specific* Metal Halides usable for Basilisk, please list them.

I have AIM, e-mail and MSN messenger.

e-mail: Please contact me if you know anything about them, thanks!

04/06/08  12:15pm


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  Message To: Seiryu   In reference to Message Id: 1691591

 Metal Halides

hey seiryu you have been alot of help tom me but i got more cheery wood toxic, and my baby basilisk head boobs is that a sign of a male ,and it puffs out when it sees my ameiva ,are these signs of males

04/08/08  09:05pm

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