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 My Basilisk

I recently bought this female Brown Basilisk and the pet store i got her from wasnt treating her very well, shes 20in long they had her in a 10gal tank and they were only feeding her greens. She had old shed still on her and her right knee was ripped or something and on that same knee she has a bump (MBD) and her tail fell off but grew back about 4-5in but here are a few pics of when i got her, ill have some new ones of her soon

Meet Phoenix

Her Leg

Phoenix & Iguana(His Name) Also I bought him with MBD on his back

01/27/08  10:53pm


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  Message To: Frillz   In reference to Message Id: 1597805

 My Basilisk

thats no female. only males have crests on there heads like that

pretty tho. even threw the bad treatment. i tell you, some petstores need to get there acts together and start treating the animals there selling right

good luck =DD

01/29/08  08:00pm

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