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 Iguana and a green basalisk

hello all can anyone help i have a 4 month old igy can i put a baby basalisk in with him
thank lee

12/10/07  04:57pm


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  Message To: Darad   In reference to Message Id: 1542182

 Iguana and a green basalisk

not reccomended

12/10/07  10:19pm


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  Message To: Suicidepill   In reference to Message Id: 1542598

 Iguana and a green basalisk

highly not recomnded!

heres why:

iguana is a strict vegitarian. basilisk eats insects. if ig ate insects by acedent = dead iggy.

most basiliks are full of parasites, and pathogens which your iguana may not be tollerant of, so the gis immune system cannot coap = dead iguana ( same can happen but other way around = dead basilisk.)

size difference, iguana gets 6ft long, basilisk can reach 3ft but usally only 2ft. = igggy could kill basilisk.

territory, both look similar = fighting if ame sex, or breeding aggression if opposite sex.

what else do i have to say? no.

12/11/07  01:19pm


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  Message To: Jawstheme   In reference to Message Id: 1543113

 Iguana and a green basalisk

Hi guys Im new i gtg bye!

12/18/07  03:34pm


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  Message To: Bassieboy33   In reference to Message Id: 1550273

 Iguana and a green basalisk

This is me again NO!!!!! donít put an iguanna in with a basilisk first of all their humidites are way different and second of all the iguanna wil get bigger than the basilisk. BTW I am not trying to be mean bye!

12/19/07  03:13pm


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  Message To: Bassieboy33   In reference to Message Id: 1551104

 Iguana and a green basalisk

and baskilisk are VERY skittish the iggy would scare and stress the heck out out of the baskilisk

12/22/07  06:23pm

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