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 Questions plz answer

Can i have a basilisk in a 55gallon tank with half land and half water and could i feed him super worms and cricets and how big do they get, can handale them and how deep should the water be

12/09/07  04:01pm


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 Questions plz answer

yea you can, but i think thats too small for a permanent cage.
you can feed him crickets and superworms, when hes big enough then an occasional pinkie
males get about 30 inches, females 2 feet.half land half water can work.make sure you can clean water.
they are more of a display reptile and can be mean, i wouldnt consider them handleable it depends on the lizard itself.
water should be atleast 7 inches deep least 3/4 the lenght of the lizard, and half the width.

read this caresheet

12/09/07  09:08pm

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