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  new pet owner- basilisk

hi i just got a basilisk and have no experience with this type of animal. so far he is doing good but i need more info such as recomended tank size diet , i do feed it leeuce grasshoppers meal worms and crickets, temperature mine stays 82.5 f during the day and 75 f during the night i am working on handling it alot oh and i also need how to tell the gender he has 1 fin on top of its head, it isnt full grown yet barelly over a foot and just getting its stripes, it does bite andpuffs its neck out in a way but umm... if u have andy info for me please meesage ty

09/22/07  04:06pm


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  new pet owner- basilisk

What you want to do is go to google and type in Basilisk caresheet. That should give you tons of information on how to care for them. Do you have any pics?

09/28/07  01:48pm

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