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Smokey Jungle Frog
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 New Green Basilisk

i am new to green basilisks and just puchased one today. it was $40. i have it in a 50 tall tank with a large water dish some fake plants, about 2" of fir and spagnum peat moss mix, and some dead bamboo for him to climb on. (is this a good setup)

it is about 8"or 9" long and bright green with blue spots, black and yellow blotches on itís back and orange eyes. not sure if it is a male or female. i do know how to though just to small.

i heard that they are omnivores and today i put in alittle banana and apple. he was tasting it but not eating it.

please respond to what i have typed and if you have any questions or comments please fell free to respond!!!!!!!

08/27/07  07:44pm


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 New Green Basilisk

well i have had mine now for 6 months and she is still trying to test the limits ill let her go.... i heard that to my baby looks at things and if they dont move she wont eat it....that size tank should work i not sure because i asked the guy a the pet shop if my tank will work becouse its a 40 gl tall and i told him that she loves to be out w/ me i had an enclosur that took up my whole wall n she didnt want to be in it

12/04/07  05:52pm

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