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Omer richmoned
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 Green basilisk cage size

hello evryone..what is the minimum cage size for 2 adult green basilisk?

07/05/07  05:06am


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  Message To: Omer richmoned   In reference to Message Id: 1346404

 Green basilisk cage size

Iíve seen the minimum for one basilisk at 60 gallons but Iím quite sure you could fit two of them in there comfortably. Iím wondering what sexes your basilisks are. Not to insult your intelligence, but putting two males together is a BAD idea. Just throwing that out there...:)

07/06/07  12:59pm


Omer richmoned
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  Message To: Kypsalis   In reference to Message Id: 1347995

 Green basilisk cage size

sorry but for now i donít have a basilisk(yet).
i was thinking to buy 2.and yes,i know that its not the best idea putting 2 males together.
for now i have
2 veiled chameleon
3 p.l.l
1 p.m.g
3 Leo gecko
1 green tree monitor
(i am 13 years old from Israel so Iím sorry if i have spelling mistakes)

07/07/07  03:51pm


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  Message To: Omer richmoned   In reference to Message Id: 1349397

 Green basilisk cage size

I have seen the min for one or 2 is 55 gallon. That was from a breeder I was talking 2 via email about care. Some say that is a little on the small side but iF you put a ramp in there with a wall shelf it would be fine. =)

07/09/07  02:35pm


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  Message To: S.   In reference to Message Id: 1351718

 Green basilisk cage size

Call me overkill but my cage for my pair is about 320 sqft.

08/25/07  10:49pm


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  Message To: Laz1975   In reference to Message Id: 1419427

 Green basilisk cage size

no offence mate but why would um keep a pair of basilisks in a 320ísq viv?????????????? thats too big!!!
and no offence but i dont believe u not one bit! its easy to c ur lying lol

09/29/07  06:42pm


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  Message To: BUTTER_NUT   In reference to Message Id: 1462133

 Green basilisk cage size

For my Chinese Water Dragons, they have a 670 gallon cage. im thinking about adding a basilisk to it

11/01/07  10:05pm

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