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 Ball Python Not Eating

I received the gift of a ball python about a week ago, the previous owner bought her at an expo, claiming she was an impulse buy. She said that she moved the snake a week prior to me taking her to my house. So she was unsettled and hadn’t eaten. I got her settled in, she is very comfortable being handled by me, but I tried to feed her two days ago, and she would not eat. How do I know she is hungry? As of yesterday morning she sort of just lays flat, not balled up or anything..

05/14/18  05:58pm


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 Ball Python Not Eating

Hi, this is not advice unfortunetly since ive been having a similar problem. I bought my BP almost a week ago and i knew she had problems eating lately since i should have goten her earlier but she didnt ate. At first i didnt touch her but i saw she was quite social and didnt seem to mind handling, she even waits at night at the door to be taken out, but when i tried feeding her she ignored her meal. Ive been told she doesnt strike so after seenig it didnt work when i did it i just left it there but she still didnt ate.., does this have anything to do with it? Pls sb help us both😅😌

05/23/18  01:18pm

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