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 Just got my Ball Python, some advice?

After spending a lot of time researching about ball pythons and buying all
The necessary tools for the enclosure, I bought my Spider Ball Python just yesterday at my local Snakes at Sunset. I have a 20 gallon tank, heating mat with a thermostat put at 90F, and 3 items to measure temp and humidity. First is a digital thermo/hydrometer with both probes around the “colder” hide area, a dual analog more to the hot side, and a single digital thermometer on the ground next to his hot hide( since i cant stick it on the glass). The heat mat runs 88-91F so i think im good there, but my dual digital and analog thermo/hydrometers dont match well. The analog reads 60sF and 60% humidity even though the thermometer on the same side but on ground is reading 80F, while the digital on the colder side reads 75F and 84% humidity( making no sense to me). Ive been paying more attention to the digital because of its higher popularity regarding accuracy but shows a high humidity of 84. Maybe i have the hydro probe too close to the water bowl or im doing something wrong. I have a part of the screen lide covered with a black towel and the enclosure is located in my living room here in Miami where the temps go between 78-69 according inside my house with AC. He was exploring a lot when i first put him there. I have read a lot regarding what i could be doing wrong but I think it would be better just explaining my exact situation to the more experienced ones. Thanks.

05/06/18  04:27pm

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