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 Soft things for ball pythons? EX. Dog Beds? Lol

I know its silly but my first baby ball python lived in a 29 gallon long tank and I kept paper towels as base substrate, then I had a little brick in there for texture, and figured why not ad some tile under the water dish and a plastic skull on the brick in the corner, with a soft microfiber cloth stuffed in it and a hide with a knitted hat in it on the hot side. Onyx loved it. She crawled all over every texture and her favorite places to hang out was inside the knitted hat and inside the plastic skull, she loved her soft beds. I moved back to texas from Florida and had to leave her behind at her new home and its been 2 years, and I got two adult ball pythons in 40 gallon tanks with pretty basic setups, (newspaper, a log, water bowl, and two hides each) and I was wondering if it was acceptable to maybe add some soft things like my sweet Onyx did in the past.. I think different textures are great as long as the husbandry isnt compromised in any way. What do you guys think?

03/10/18  08:54pm

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