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 Is my bp fasting?

I have had my 1 and half year old snake for 7-8 months now. He never ate for a few weeks when I got him due to new environment but then he started to take his feeds regularly. He normally takes his feeds straight away but I tried him 2 weeks ago and he refused it, I thought he was in shed so I left him. I then tried him again the next week and refused again. He is a gentle snake and doesn’t mind being held, 2 weeks ago I picked him up to clean him out and he was flinching a lot, I quickly cleaned him out and put him back as I didn’t want to stress him out. He has been flinching when I open the tub up too and going in the s shape like he will strike at me, I have left him alone as I don’t want to stress him out more so he won’t eat. His temperatures are fine and he is not shedding, the only thing I can think of now is that he’s fasting? Any help would be appreciated, I’m worried sick.

02/16/18  10:24am

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