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 Ball python stopped trying to shed?

I have a ball python that is 4 months old and this is his first time shedding since I got him. My ball pythons seems to have given up on trying to shed. A couple days ago he was trying to shed then the next day stopped and it’s been 2 days since he stopped trying I fed him yesterday and the temperature is right in the cage. Should I leave him be I haven’t touched him at all through his shedding process except to transport him back and forth to feed and that’s about it or should I soak him? Is this normal and is he going to continue trying to shed soon?

01/13/18  03:40pm


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 Ball python stopped trying to shed?

First stuck shed means your husbandry is off... check humidity it should be at around 50-60% but during shed 60-70% get a hygrometer and yes soak him get that off don’t leave it on him

02/07/18  01:50am

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