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 I think my uth is too hot

my uth sits at 100 inside without therm and is stable at that and he seems to be very comfortable with it? while it was heating up it was in the 90s and he was frozen to the touch and would wrap tightly around me to heat himself up during handling, now he is relaxed when handled and likes to explore, this is my first snake and the owner only used a uth with a thermostat for his but the tanks are 60 gals and everything else is 70s aside from the hide, im going to be buying a ceramic heat lamp to try to heat up the hot side and see if hell be more active in the tank, only reason i havent had a therm is because he wouldnt sell the tank he had or the thermostat and i couldnt find any in the big pet stores, everything else was closed because of christmas time so im going to try looking around again(i got the snake on the 24th) the previous owner also said he hasnt eaten in a month and a half (im aware he was in shed and its winter) and havent noticed him drink at all and the little guy has a bit of shed about 2 or 3 inches behind the head ( while handling ive been rubbing it and picking off the very loose parts not harming the snake) i dont know if i should be doing that but the snake seems to like it, what should i do about the heating and shedding? then how should i go about trying to get him to start eating? he only eats live and was put into a seperate tank for feeding, should i try to do that? because id prefer to feed in tank and i want to switch him to frozen thawed and eventually start breeding rats to humanely pre kill for his meals, any kind of advice with my snake would be greatly appreciated,

12/26/17  11:33am

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