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Active nights
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 Help? First time snake owner

So I have a couple issues with my snake. He’s a norm ball and I’ve had him since September. He’s a pretty good eater. I got him young, not sure how old though. But it’s december, I’ve done my research and he seems like a healthy snake but I’m worried about the following things: 1. He hasn’t shed at all. He seems to have gotten bigger, I have soaked him, his humidity stays between 50-70% and he has been eating pinkies every 5-7 days, I just started feeding him two instead of one recently. 2. He doesn’t go in his hides, I have a cool and a warm hide. Warm has basking lamp and heat mat, temps with the heat may alone stay at mid 70’s and with the bulb go to mid 80’s. He just really likes to sit on top of the half log huts. Never goes in them though, he is on like a reptile carpet which I thought would be fine because so many people use paper towels but maybe not? And finally 3. I haven’t seen him poop in like two weeks, maybe this is a feeding issue, or maybe he is blocked up. I tried the soak like I said for the shed and pooping but nothing happened.

Sorry I know this is a dense post but I really appreciate any advice or help thanks everyone.

12/19/17  09:02pm


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 Help? First time snake owner

First of all he should have substrate, secondly by the sound of it your tank is WAAAAY too big. Ball pythons are more comfortable in a smaller environment, chances are his bowel and shed issues are due to stress. If nothing changes in a week or two with the defacation you should see a vet.

01/05/18  12:24am

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