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 Heating a 55 gallon Ball python tank

Hey everyone I’m new to the forum and reptiles in general. I’ve wanted a bp for years now and finally I have an opportunity to get one. I have a 55 gallon tank that used to be used for my oscar fish, but he recently passed, so I decided to just get a snake. I recently bought all the supplies i will need. I’m running an 16 watt UTH AND A 100 watt ceramic heat emitter, but my problem is that the thermostat that I am using ( Zilla 1000 watt thermostat) has to be set on 100 to get my hot hide temp between 90-92 degrees. Then my cool side is struggling to get above 74 degrees. I just recently tin foiled a majority of the screen lids except where my heat emitter is and where my old aquarium light is on the cool side. My humidity is spot on with a reading of 60% on the hot side and 67% on the cool side. I’m using repti bark as a substrate and two exo terra hydrometers and two zoo med digital thermometers. If anyone can help me fix my temp problems it would be greatly appreciated. I’m just ready to get everything squared away so I can get my bp.


11/17/17  10:43am

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