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Hello y’all! New member first post, I’m also a new snake parent. Draco was handed down to me from another owner, my dad. When I first got him he hadn’t eaten in a little over a year, but shortly after he was given to me he did indeed eat. His diet consists of smaller rats, I guess it would be called live feed as the rats are alive. My concern is that my snake who is 6 years old, shies away almost as if he scared or startled. He will crawl to the rat however when he is close enough that he touches the rat he pulls back away from it as if he was surprised. Could he be blind and how do I check to see if that’s the problem,

11/03/17  01:41pm


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You should try feeding f/t (frozen/thawed). He could be intimidated by the live food, which may sound ridiculous because they eat live food in the wild, but it is quite possible.

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11/07/17  04:00pm

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