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 Feeding Drama and General Snake Stupidity

I have a (about) one year old male ball python who becuase of emergancy in my family my mother had to take for a few weeks, though she knows what she’s doing, she was unable to get more rats for him after feeding the first time so when I was able to get him back he hadn’t eaten for 12 days, I attempted to fed him the day after when everything had calmed down only to find that he was going into pre-shed (pinkening and dulled colors) and being the picky eater he is he refused to eat, but he still roams and "hunts" trying to find food, I tried feeding something smaller but he still won’t take it, but he will act hungry and like he wants food. so I suppose my first question is if he is going to be okay, now going at 2 weeks without food + shedding period? is there anything I could do? I have checked and double checked his husbandry and it’s all okay, and to my knowledge (haven’t seen him for a few weeks) he doesn’t look to have lost weight

Second question the stupidity part, I love him with all of my heart but he really isn’t the brighetest star and he has a habit of squeezing himself into way to tiny holes and crevices, now I have already sealed most but I resently got a new hide and missed a tiny hole becuase "there is no way he would even try that" well, or so I though, he did try, and he got horribly stuck, this was at 4 am and I was half asleep but because of my anxious nature I wen’t to check only to find his body mushed in there with his spine severly twisted, I took the hide, sat down and tried to hold him in a way it would be easiest for him to get through as there was no going back. I managed to get him out but i heard a popping sound and panicked thinking it had to be an organ or his spine, I tried to check but he was horribly stressed and it was to no avail, so I just put him back in the terrarium, making sure to not only tape shut the hole but I now also have him under close watch, he seems to be acting normal, still trying to get out, he doesn’t seem in pain or like he is injured but i still can’t help but fear internal injury since there is no vet nearby open at this hour, and there are no vets who know stuff about reptiles for 2 hours of driving, which isn’t an option on my own, is there something that could be wrong? what could have happened and what should i look out for?

10/21/17  07:14pm


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  Message To: NicoleP   In reference to Message Id: 2321393

 Feeding Drama and General Snake Stupidity

BPs can go for a long time without food, a few weeks is not a worry.

That does sound concerning... But if he isn’t showing signs of pain, he’s probably fine. How is he now?

11/07/17  04:21pm

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