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 Trouble feeding new snake

Hello, I got a new ghosthypno (i believe thats what his coloring was called) ball python a week ago, and when i bought him, I made sure to ask what he was being fed; and the breeder told me that the last thing he had eaten was a live hopper mouse. Unfortunately, due to a pair of prey driven cat in my house, I could never bring home live mice to feed to my snake. Besides the fact, I don’t want to take the chance of my new snake baby getting hurt by the food I’m trying to feed him.

What should I do to make sure he eats? Is there a certain way I should heat up the mice or make it wiggle so he decides he likes it? Any advice of suggestions would be helpful.

08/19/17  04:51pm


Full Tilt Reptiles
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  Message To: CinnarollSnake   In reference to Message Id: 2321091

 Trouble feeding new snake

If you like come check out our YouTube channel were I will be posting videos on topics just like this one !

08/29/17  09:19am

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