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 Hamster Bit ball python

So I am a first time snake owner. I’ve done extensive research before evening buying her and went in to get a corn snake but left with this beautiful female ball python. We took her in last week after 3 months of having her and was told we could be feeder her young hampster/ small rats/ adult mice. We were a little worried because shes kinda a ’impulsive’ striker, she just strikes and doesnt seem to have much paitence. Last week we fed her a young female hamster and OH MY she was amazing, got her right in the face. Howeevr today I got her a young and calm male hampster and she struck at his side, i didn’t see him bite her i really didnt but she let go after 10 sec and i knew something was wrong. I seperated them and checked her out and she has two pretty serious bites. One on her underside and another about 3 in. away from her head, shes got a couple other scratches around the one by her neck but not bad at all. I cleaned her up and put neosporin (no painkillers or anything else) as well as changing her cage to newspaper rather than chips.

Let me just add that I literally cried, I feel terrible and am switching to freshly dead ASAP. So please don’t knock me on this it’s not about me right now I’m worried about her. Any advice and should i wait it out or just schedule a vet. If so, know of any vets in the Ukiah (Mendocino/Sonoma County area) ?

07/12/17  08:22pm


Evra von
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  Message To: Sjnmo   In reference to Message Id: 2320861

 Hamster Bit ball python

hope things have gotten better, when I had a ball python a long time ago, I would use the frozen mice from petco. I would put them in a ziplock bag and run it under hot water to thaw and warm up.

good luck!

08/02/17  11:36am

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