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 Should I use a UTH only?

Hey everyone, just joined this forum to try asking the same question I posted over at BallPythonFourm. I was wondering if it would be ok to only use a UTH in my 40 gallon tank for my BP and have him do fine. Right now I have a UTH and a heat lamp. The UTH is regulated on a termostat at 90-92 and I have an ambient temperature gradient of 80-87. Now the reason I’m asking this is so I can keep the humidity longer in the tank, since my tank has a screen top that I half cover. I’ve also been everywere on the internet now from forums to Youtube and read and watched a lot of sources that say heat lamps are bad and shouldn’t be used for a BP, and others saying it’s perfectly fine. So for the sake of humidity and my electric bill would it bring any harm to my BP if I took away the heat light (I should also say my room temp varries from 77-80, not the best temps for the BP, hence the heat lamps)? I’d apprieciate any advice, expirences, and ideas; Thanks!

06/20/17  03:15pm


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 Should I use a UTH only?

Yes it’s actually better because light stresses balls out

11/15/17  04:08pm

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