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Micah E   JJMF  

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Micah E
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 Worried! 3-4 wk old baby ball has never eaten.

We purchased a baby ball python from a breeder on May 30th 2017. He had just hatched on May 27th 2017. He had his first shed on June 7th 2017. We tried to feed him (live hopper) on June 9th. He acted scared of it and very uninterested. So we waited til the 11th and tried again. The hopper seemed to be dominating him by sitting on his head 2xs so I took him out didn’t want him to get hurt or afraid to eat later on. I decided maybe live just was not for him so we purchased a f/t pinky and offered it on June 13th we left it in the tank overnight and nothing....he’s acting as though he doesn’t even know that’s food or that he is supposed to eat it. Is this normal or could it be that he needs a little more coaxing to know that it is food and what to do with it. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I know he’s got to be hungry and he’s getting thinner and thinner but since he has Never eaten before I’m just not sure it’s as simple as put the mouse in and he’ll eat it he acts as though he doesn’t even know what it is.

He’s in a 20gallon tank with an UTH and Humidity box we also spray him and tank with warm water once a day.
Identical hides and water bowls on both cool and warm sides.

06/15/17  03:16pm


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  Message To: Micah E   In reference to Message Id: 2320770

 Worried! 3-4 wk old baby ball has never eaten.

Google assisted feeding....also don’t spray your ball pythons it can cause an r.i.

11/15/17  01:21pm

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