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 Help I think there may be something wrong with my ball python

So I have a ball python that keeps having what appears to be white discharge or bowel movement. It is pasty like usually. But I have never seen it happen. But everyday for 4 or 5 days he has been doing this , sometimes twice a day. And I take him out and have to clean everything everytime. I was told it was a male when I bought him. One time was accompanied by liquid. He wraps himself around his water dish lately as well.

I have a second snake who wraps him/herself around the water dish as well

I recently had a snake death last week. I don’t know why she died. She didn’t seem sick. I have others that seem fine except this . I had her since January. Aye once a week everytime, often struggled with what appeared to be distinguishing what end she should start eating on. One time about a month ago she had one stuck sideways for hours, small feeder, only was a pup. When I found her upon her death she was swollenfrom head right down to close to her tail, probably about the vent, and then from that point to the tip of tail it appeared normal size.

Any ideas on the death, or more importantly, if my other snake is sick or something?

06/15/17  09:10am

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