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Before i ask this i must make myself clear i do not want anyone answering with a ignorant closed mind. I want to be able to have my BP & RTB roaming my house freeely for short amounts of time some days but i do not need them threatened by eachother. My BP is almost 3 has bred and interacted with many other BPs shes nothing but the sweetest no health problems whatsoever. My RTB is about the same size only about 8 months old super docile no health problem as for any reptile i own lol. Both roughly over 2 feet. How do i introduce them at first? I do not need anyone opinions about having my snakes out or any stuff like that. Ive been breeding BPs for some time now and am recently new to boas. My snakes come with me from time to time when they dont want to be in their enclosures so no opinions about that either. I simply want to know how get to the point where both species can be out in my home and no problems be started.

03/23/17  07:49pm

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