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 Male albino ball python (sick ? Mites ?) needs new home

I’ve had this guy over a year now. Great snake used to be a fantastic eater and then stopped completely probably late November (so he’s gone a solid 4 months without eating). I originally thought he was just fasting "cool down" for winter but then he developed these red spots which gradually worsened. I took him to a special vet removed bedding and replaced with tee shirt and started daily warm water soaks and using mite spray. The vet did a fecal sample (no parasites) and said it’s either mite bites or some sort of allergic reaction. I’m not sure what’s going on as he’s showing no signs of improvement and I feel terrible because he’s a great snake and dog tame. Someone knowledgeable with ball pythons please help. I’m on Long Island (Suffolk county). Thanks, Jimmy

03/21/17  09:14pm

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