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 Dehydrated and not eating

So we got a new ball python from pets mart on Christmas Eve. He has only eaten 2 times since we have gotten him. A few weeks ago we noticed he had something that I thought looked like scale rot so I started soaking him in a betadine and water soak once a day. The scale rot looking skin did not get better, but it did not get worse either. I finally took him to the vet about a week and a half ago because he was looking very dehydrated. It turns out he had a bacterial infection on his skin and was dehydrated. The vet gave him a shot of vitamins and a shot of antibiotics and sent me home with 4 more shots of antibiotics and told me to keep doing the betadine soaks and also do Gatorade soaks. I have already given him 3 of the shots and he needs to shed. Little bits and pieces are coming off and he just feels like he is more lethargic than usual... I’m not sure what I should do... if I should just keep doing what I’m doing or is there something else I should try? I unfortunately cannot take him back to the vet for another few weeks...

02/19/17  10:18pm

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