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 Worried new owner

I recently got my first ball python; I’ve never owned a snake before either. She’s roughly 3 months old, give or take a a month. I’ve had her two week, and she hasn’t fed since I got her, and I know young snakes should eat more often.

I’ve been using the F/T method, waving them around in front of her face, but she just won’t strike. She doesn’t seem interested in them at all. I’m very worried; I can start to see her spine on her back when she climbs around.
What can I do?
I plan on leaving it inside her tank with her overnight.

02/19/17  09:11pm


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 Worried new owner

I own 4 pythons for myself and am a breeder. I’ve had newbies not want to eat. Best thing is find the smallest mouse make sure it live and try that first. Leave it be for a little while. My snakes will never take frozen. I mean NEVER LOL... if that don’t work you only have one option left. Kill the live mouse or pinky ( whatever u get) and force it’s mouth open by putted pressure with thumb and index finger on both side of jaw and push the head of the mouse in the snakes mouth. ( yes it seem in-humane but if you are really sure it’s getting on the sick stage do what I’m saying) try and reply thanks

03/22/17  08:21pm

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