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 Question about Ball Python fasting

Hi! I have a 3 year old Ball Python named Pinto Bean. I adopted him when he was about 2 from a reptile rescue and rehabilitation center that I volunteer at. He is my first snake, and I’m sometimes baffled by his behavior.
For instance, I adopted him last January (2016), and he didn’t eat for me for 4 months, although he was well known at the herps center to be a good eater. I only feed him frozen thawed because of safety risks with live feed. I found that he often prefers black rats since they are naturally occuring, I assume... whereas white rats are not naturally occurring (I believe?).
Anyways, he doesnt eat in the winter... he typically fasts for a few months, then is fine in the summer.
So my concern right now is that he hasn’t eaten for about 6 months. My question is,

How can I tell if he is hungry? I really don’t like thawing and preparing the rats for him if I just have to throw them away. I try with him about once a month, but he will just be super uninterested. I don’t have any black rats on me right now, so I keep having to try with the white ones. He has eaten white before, but prefers black... and I can’t really select the rats by color when I order them. Any suggestions? I feel bad wasting the rats, but I don’t want to withhold food from him if he is hungry.

02/13/17  09:56am

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