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 Unusual behavior

Hi guys. First post but here goes...

Recently purchased a Royal python from a local reptile store, and noticed some strange behaviour from her regarding her head and movements.

Frequently she sits with her head sideways on, but just noticed tonight her head is completely upside down (see image for details).

Just wondering if this is something to be concerned about? Im not a new reptile keeper and have several other snakes including another royal, but never seen behaviour like this.

01/09/17  12:23pm


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  Message To: Cmcgowan   In reference to Message Id: 2320063

 Unusual behavior

It appears that this is a spider morph if I’m not mistaken. Some spider morphs can have nervous system issues effecting their spatial orientation. Some characteristics of the spider morph are erratic head movements and keeping their head in odd positions. I have seen certain spiders that are really bad. Also, some people breed spider to spider, which heavily exacerbates the nervous system pathology.

01/22/17  04:33pm


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  Message To: Jluke91   In reference to Message Id: 2320157

 Unusual behavior

Hello!! Just like jluke91 said, spider ball pythons have some different neuro chemistry going on, as long as she’s eating and hiding you have a happy snake! You should get in touch with a reptile specialist or a vet to be extra safe! I purchased a spider ball python last week, she doesn’t position her head like that but she definitely has a wobble! I think it’s kinda cute, don’t see it as something that is wrong with her it makes her unique. Do really bad when she has corkscrewed. For her it seems like she wobbles more when she is feeling unsafe or uncertain? Sometimes you can’t even tell she has a wobble.

Anyways, hope you are as excited as I am!! Don’t worry too much, get in touch with a specialist and they will be happy to help you! Have you named your new friend yet?

01/23/17  11:32pm

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