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 Calico Ball Won’t Eat

So my Ball Ms. Wiggles hasn’t eaten in about 4 weeks, I’m guessing it has something to do with the moss i put around her water bowl to soak up what she spills when she takes a swim but I’m not to sure. Can anybody clarify what the issue could be? Her cage stays at 92 hot and 84 ambient with perfect humidity since i have the misters set to every 6 hrs for 10 seconds. Her hide is as well under all the mulch "her doing not mine, she moved the mulch over it". She is not about to shed at all and her skin has a very a nice shiny smooth tone. I give her baths 4 times a month and a Iodine bath once every 2 months to keep the mites away. "She has never had mites in the cage before because i over bake all mulch before it goes in there and anything else to make sure to keep everything clean and free of mites although i do have a few beetles i have kept from mulch and stuck them in there to kind of help out with keeping the cage clean.

12/08/16  10:14am


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 Calico Ball Won’t Eat

Your humidity might be a little high. Should be around 50. sprays every 6 hours seems to be a little heavy. If your hygrometer states around 50% then you’re fine. Also, some snakes go months without eating, it’s usually not too big of a deal. The only concern for snakes not eating is if it is a hatchling or very young.

01/22/17  04:40pm

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