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 HELP!! First B/P, work offshore

Ok guy and gals, I finally got my wife and I a beautiful male ball python offline. My main concern now is we went to petsmart and they were feeding the snakes well she watched amd all the sudden doesnt want to feed while im gone. The snake is 6 months old and is 200 grams he will be here in two weeks when i get home i work a 14 days on x14 days off schedule she will water it and clean its cage etc except feed. So he will be getting fed every 14 days on the dot. Will he be ok? He is on rat pups f/t. So should i feed two rat pups the day i come home and the day before i leave? Or just the tuesday when i come home feed then 5 days later feed again and then feed before i leave? Are how would yall go about this?!? Im very concerned about it and please dont tell me just dont get one thats not an option because a buddy feeds his once a month... its odd to me but his b/p is perfectly fine and around 1500 grams. I dont plan on breeding and want him to grow slow but dont want him to have health issues. I have a 28 gallon tall tank. Temps have been staying for a month consistent cold side day time stays 80 at night gets to 76.8 at the lowest. Then basking is 92 all times and ambient stays around 86 with 58 % humidity. I been testing the waters to make sure nothing fails while im gone besides a mechanical failure i want everything to be perfect so when im gone my wife does the essentials and he would be fine. Also should i be concerned for a little more aggresion when i come home since itll be 14 days since he ate last? I mean they say feed his size every 8 to 12 days so whats an extra two? I dont know if im over thinking it are what?!?

11/15/16  05:47pm

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