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 BP won’t poop?

Background and sidenote: Ok so forum makes me say what state i live in if im in the US but Puerto Rico being its territory does not appear just to give some information on the natural habitat in my area. Florida is the closest so thats what i marked since it kept asking.

Now down to business, I have a ball python born around late july early august 2016 and since we got him around mid August he was eating fuzzies and around october now has been switched to small mice. My concern is he’s been eating fine, however despite that he hasnt pooped in the last 2 weeks. Since temps here range from 76 to 98 average hes kept at room temp and even tho i tried putting a heating pad in one side for a few days he always avoided it so its been removed. he has a bowl of fresh water every day and aspen substrate. Humidity is also naturally high so besides water the water bowl and some spraying when he sheds hes kept at room humidity for fear of having it too high allowing bacteria and fungi to start growing. Has a nice hide placed so he cant be seen if he doesn’t want to. Dont know his current weight however and cant get a scale for the fime being sadly. Any advice???

10/24/16  10:02pm


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 BP won’t poop?

Ok you should check everywhere in his tank. Look in the bedding, under hides, I mean everywhere. Because his poop is going to be brown and small I mean really small it’s almost always near little white clumps which are his urates or pee. So if his bedding is brown or dark brown it’s harder to find. They usually only go once a week or so depending on how often he is fed and so on. If you can’t find it even after digging in the bedding depending on what type you have soaking him in warm water for twenty minutes or so should help.

10/31/16  01:08am

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