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 Ball Python Temps

So I just bought my ball python and she’s settling in well, liking her hides and all, but I’m majorly concerned about her temperatures. The Tank is 26 gallons but a bit on the tall side so I have a heat pad and a heat lamp and intend to do some work on it because the hottest I can get it is around 82, and I know that’s way too low, that should be the coldest area and yet that’s about the hottest side. So I’m sure many of you understand my fear, and yet my ball is staying on the colder side of the tank. She had two hides, one on the hot side and one on the cold side, and I took her out today to hold her a bit and by all means shes doing just fine, moving around well, responding perfectly, curious and friendly. In fact the only time I’ve ever seen her use her hide on the hot side is when she was taking her first look around and crawled in there for about 30 minutes then crawled back out. I’ve read that if the snake is keeping away from the hot side that usually means the temperature there is too high, but like I said if anything it should be far too low. Can anyone help me to figure out why she’s keeping to the cold side like this? It never drops below 75 anywhere in the cage but still where she stays is around 76-78. I’m gonna fix this asap to make it the proper temperatures but in the meanwhile I’m wondering why she’s staying away from the heat.

09/21/16  07:02pm


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 Ball Python Temps

Ok so a bp needs a cool side of 77-80 and a warm side of 87-90 with a basking area of 90-95. If she stays on the cool side more even after checking out the warm side then she’s fine. The fact it’s a tall tank you should probably get a higher watt bulb for her warm side to achieve those temps. As long as she is feeding well and has no regurgitation and like I said prefers the cool side I wouldn’t worry too much but the temps do need to get bumped up 10 or so for respiratory and digestive health. I would do that asap.

09/30/16  10:06pm

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