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 RI or something else?!

I have a baby ball python, under 6 months. He was having the common signs of an RI, so I got him to the vet ASAP. The vet told me looked very healthy, well fed, and that there were no VISIBLE bubbles or mucus in the mouth, but he was definitely making weird breathing noises and was constantly opening his mouth throughout the entire appointment. He gave me antibiotics as well as fluids to give him every 72 hours, and also took a blood test. He thought that maybe he was having issues with the bedding(aspen), so I removed the aspen and replaced it with paper towels. He also told me to lower the humidity to about 40%. This was about a week ago. My snake has been a little better, hes had 2 injections so far. Anyway, today I get a call from the vet about the blood results, and everything came back normal (what the hell?). The vet blatantly told me over the phone that he was not sure what it is as nothing came up out of the ordinary on the blood test, and adivsed me to continue giving him the antibiotics just in case. Now, a few minutes ago, my snake came out of his hide, stared at his reflection and made the WEIRDEST sound I have ever heard. Almost like a small dog whining? squeeling sound? I know for a fact that it was him because I watched him open his mouth and do it. He did this maybe twice within a couple minutes, and then went back in his hide. My question is, is this an RI that just didn’t show up in the blood test? Like I said there was no mucus or bubbles, and he eats like a champ. Also, what the hell could that noise be? It was so loud that it startled me. (his tank is directly next to my bed.)I am scared that it may be something else, or the antibitoics are not working quick enough, and that I did not get him into the vet in time. I really do not want to lose my snake, he is my baby. Please let me know what you guys think this could be and what the heck that sound could’ve been.

09/14/16  06:32pm

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