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Lady Lark
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 Help Please. sudden aggression in Female Ball python

Hi I need some help. Could it be possible for sudden aggression in my Ball Python be cause by the addition of a 6 year old red tailed boa being housed in the same room? Kia, an 11 year old ball python, has suddenly started being aggresive. We have had her for a little over a year and her previous owner had her since she was a baby. In her 11 years she has only struck a handful of times and only when being feed pre kill. She is so calm and gentle that she is often used in educational outreach programs that teach preschooler through 1st grade students, about snakes. She often goes with me to the studio for photo shoots. I keep the trips well apart so she doesnt get stressed out.
In the last week she has been acting weird and is now striking at us. Her cage (temp/humidity. etc) has not changed. Niether has her shedding or eating habbits. She isnt near a shed time and she ate about 5 days ago. I have two other snakes (a corn snake and a male ball) that are more active then normal as well... hard to tell about aggression cause they are always a little tempermental with me for some reason. All three of mine have always gotten along well. They have all been around other snakes just nothing as large as this boa. Pretty sure Kia’s odd behavor started after the boa arrived but not sure cause she was hiding in her box like she always does after days after a meal.
The only other thing that has changed for Kia is her last meal was a pre killed and not a live rat. The store was out of live adults rats.

09/02/16  11:30pm


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  Message To: Lady Lark   In reference to Message Id: 2319396

 Help Please. sudden aggression in Female Ball python

I doubt feeding her pre-killed prey would have anything to do with it, so her aggression is likely due to some other factor. Is the photoperiod different? Even if the lighting hasn’t been changed in her terrarium, a different lighting schedule for the red-tailed boa could lead to all the snakes seeing more light and becoming hormonal as they perceive it as being summer... If this isn’t the case, you were probably right in thinking the problem is the boa itself. If possible, you may want to move the boa’s enclosure away from the other snakes so they can’t see or smell it and wait about a week. If the snakes still act aggressive, this may not be the problem. Also consider illness; my black racer, which was usually calm, started striking at me a week prior to getting observable scale rot. He/she calmed down following recovery.

09/05/16  05:07pm

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