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 Ball Python Sick?

My wife picked up a baby ball python about 4 weeks ago at a pet shop. It was an impulse buy as I have specific shops I only work with. This was just a local mom and pop shop that doesn’t know anything about pythons. As soon as she got it home I noticed it was very small and the skin looks loose like after a normal Bp eats in the neck area but this is all over her body. We have not been able to get her to eat yet on her own. I assist fed her two pinkies and visited my normal shop yesterday who gave me a live fuzzy. She still didn’t eat this and I killed it and assist fed it to her. Today she is displaying a new behavior I have not seen. Her head acts like it doesn’t have the control like normal. Picture Stevie Wonder as he sings swinging his head from side to side looking up in the air. It’s not a normal wobble but more of a side to side without control. Anyone ever seen this ? My other snakes are healthy and doing great. It’s just this little girl that is having trouble.

08/11/16  07:07am

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