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 My Petsmart Rescue ate a mouse alive

I went to petsmart & got 1/2 of the ball pythons there (hopefully I get the other today) anyways I tried feeding it a thawed out pinky because I assumed that’s what it was eating at petsmart (but it looks like it hasn’t eaten in a while that’s why I got it) it grabbed the pinky & spit it out. So I gave it a live pinky it struck constricted it took him/her a long time to kill it & it ate. Then I give him/her another pinky it struck constricted took him a long time. I thought it was dead because it had finally stopped making noise & wiggling so he/she starts eating the pinkys head and a little bit of its body is down & the mouse starts moving again. The snake ate the pinky while it was still alive. Is He/She ok? Can this harm the snake?

06/25/16  12:11pm

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