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Snakelover ocampo   Eris  

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Snakelover ocampo
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 HELP!!! ball python missing

Please help I am new on this page and I just lost one of my ball pythons I live in two story apartments on the second floor I had her tank outside on the back balcony but she is not there since yesterday I am very worried about her I could really use help with advice on how to find her before any other person does.

06/12/16  02:49pm


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  Message To: Snakelover ocampo   In reference to Message Id: 2318681

 HELP!!! ball python missing

Sorry to hear that your snake is lost. I am assuming that you suspect she is outdoors. Check in dark secluded areas, look in holes or hides. I would notify the neighbors (although they may not want to hear that your snake is at large) at least they would know who to contact if they see her. Also check with your local animal control, shelters, and local vet clinics. Believe it or not people do turn in "stray" snakes. Also check social media/craigslist sort of places. Good luck and I hope you find her.

06/14/16  05:34pm

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