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 New snake, nervous owner

I recently adopted a 5ft ball python. I am an inexperienced owner. Her owners were moving across the country and didn’t feel she would survive the trip. As a young snake she was dumped in a trash bag outside a pet store in 30 degree weather. She also had a bad case of belly rot and had been starved. My friend nursed her back to health. I have had her a week now. She has a massive 6 ft tank that took 3 men to move into my house. She was in her small travel tote for 4 hours total with travel time. Her previous owner said she is very docile and has never struck at anyone. I handled her while her tank was being loaded into the truck. I was very comfortable with her and she seemed fine. When I was trying to move her from the tote to the tank she struck and thumped me. No bite just whacked me with her nose. I ended up putting her tote in the tank and letting her crawl out when she was ready. She had a bowel movement that night. She ate a large thawed/warmed rat two days later. She has never regained enough strength or coordination to be fed live. Since then I hadn’t seen her outside her too small hide. Tonight i bought new bulbs for her lamp and a larger hide. I lifted the log off her and stroked her a little. She was cold to the touch and drew back. I didn’t know if she was going to thump me again. I want to handle her but I’m a little nervous. Should I try to pick her up when she is stretched out and active or curled up calm? The temp in the cage has risen to 84 and she is moving a lot. Mostly testing the new tank cover. How long should I wait to attempt to lift her again? I don’t want her to be stressed. Any advice on how to get over my nerves? She is so beautiful and has had a crappy start to life. I promised my friend I would take good care of her. Sorry this is long. Thanks for any advice you might have.

05/25/16  09:23pm


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  Message To: Seren   In reference to Message Id: 2318473

 New snake, nervous owner

I would leave her be for at least a week, so she can get comfortable in her new surroundings. You said the cage has risen to 82.82-85 is good for the cool side. They should have a basking spot of 90-95.

10/13/16  11:03am

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