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 HELP!! Ball Python question?

I just got my first ball python 3 days ago. Everything seems to be ok. Her humidity is at 64% temps on hot side is about 84 and cool side is about 79. She explores the tank at night and hide during the day. All of which I was told was normal. She is only 2 months. Earlier this evening she started rubbing her head on everything she could in her tank like the sides her hide and her branch. Is this normal?

04/27/16  08:08pm


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  Message To: Nikkivikki87   In reference to Message Id: 2318230

 HELP!! Ball Python question?

I can think of 4 things

1 ready to shed
2 water or something’s in his heat pits
3 after feeding face rubbing is common, my snakes do it
4 mites

04/30/16  07:02pm

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