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 Did I RIP his skin!?


I have a 12 year old ball python whom I’ve had for 5 years. I adopted him after my friend’s mother passed away, leaving all her snakes behind, but this was her baby, and I promised I’d take care of him.

When I first got him, he had a respiratory infection, and I got that taken care of right away, and I haven’t had any problems there since.

However, as of late, some strange things have been happening. First of all, he has puked up 3 of his 6 mice in the past couple months... this was after one feeding. So I then got him a medium rat to eat 2 weeks later, and he ate it fine. Recently, I got him 4 mice, and I came into his room to see if he was ready to go back in his home (I feed him in a separate tank so he doesn’t get any of the bedding in him), I noticed the last mouth was still sitting in this mouth, and down his throat. Worried, thinking he was dead, I went to move him, but he reacted, to my relief... so I pulled the mouse out and threw it away... I don’t know if he had puked it or never was able to swallow it.

Anyway, my buddy (His name is Artemus) has never been a good shedder. He’s always need a soak or someone’s assistance in pulling off his shed. I’ve only seen him shed fully on his own once. I typically let him use the pieces in his terrarium to shed most of it off, but I usually have to take a pair of tweezers and pull the shedding out of his heat pits and his eyes. Don’t worry - I’m very gentle and have a delicate touch, and have had years of practice at doing this, and was instructed by a vet to do this. He always holds still and allows me to do this, knowing it will help him.

However, I noticed he still had very much shedding to do along the length of his body, so I began to gently peel away flakes of shed, until eventually, one, that apparently WASN’T shed!?, peeled off (just as easily as a shed) and underneath was a milky white... "skin".... did I accidentally rip his skin off!??! And if so, how do I fix that, and what could have caused it???

I cannot afford a vet bill at the moment... He did not make any movement to suggest what I’d just done had hurt him... but I am worried something is wrong with him if his actual skin can so easily be ripped...

Any advice or help would be SO appreciated. Thanks in advance.

04/13/16  06:52pm


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 Did I RIP his skin!?

Yeah you ripped his skin off. Whenever your having a difficult time during shedding just get a Rubbermaid container, poke up some ventilation holes and put a rough rock in their and keep under strict watch for 15-30 min. I assist shed my reptiles 1/10 and you have to carefully work off the skin with your fingers, any skin that’s still attached give another soak or he’ll just rub it off. Keep it disinfected until it heals but unless it’s really bad see a vet.

04/16/16  06:10pm

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