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 New Ball Python, Brand New Owner

Hello everyone,

I purchased a ball python 2 days ago from Petco and he is kinda skinny, he’s new so I have a list of questions even though I have done my research... I still want to know more from experienced snake owners and breeders. I purchased the wrong bedding on accident as it was in the wrong section and the last one there. There is a bath towel(clean, no soap washed) as substrate for now and after changing the bedding tonight he is balled up tight and breathing rapidly and heavily. I am totally terrified. I’m a new snake owner and it’s just scary to see him so stressed.

My friend also knocked over the heating lamp I bought and broke it before I had a chance to install it and set it up right. So at the moment he has no heating. I know that is a major concern and probably not helping at all. I am going to get another one tomorrow, sadly not as high quality as it was the last one..

Can anyone give me some advice as to enclosure set up, feeding tips, and how to tell if he is stressed? I sound like I didn’t do research but I promise I did and I want the best for my snake.

Thank you for your help!!

01/19/16  01:02am


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  Message To: NyxKnight   In reference to Message Id: 2316613

 New Ball Python, Brand New Owner

First off, I think you should have done a bit more researching before purchasing your pet. I hate pet stores, as they tend to mistreat/neglect their animals.

You can use newspaper as substrate, that’s what I’m using with my BP and she seems to like it just fine. It makes the tank look significantly smaller, though.

I don’t really think quality is a real issue with heat lamps, as long as it heats her warm side of the tank up to 80-90 degrees (ideal temp), my BP’s warm side of the tank is usually around 70-80 (highest I can get with the lamp I have) and she seems to be doing fine with that, as well.

To be honest, people on the internet LOVE to think they know everything, and that you NEED to have 2 hide outs in the cage, or you HAVE to do this for your snake... It’s pretty much bullshit. Snake’s don’t have heating lamps readily available in the wild. I like to see it as the same as how products are sold to humans. Yeah, my room would look cooler with a small couch in it, but I don’t NEED another couch to survive, you feel?

As long as your snake’s humidity is around 60-70%, her tank is relatively warm enough (again, a snake in the wild is going to get cold more often than a captive snake who is indoors all of the time), and that she’s eating regularly. I’m not too sure about feeding for you BP, as mine eats a medium rat once a month. I recently got her, too, so I’m still trying to figure out her specific feeding. Don’t handle her too much before she’s settled in, too, but I’m sure you already know that.

Hope I helped!


01/19/16  08:32am


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  Message To: NyxKnight   In reference to Message Id: 2316613

 New Ball Python, Brand New Owner

Enclosure size depends on the snake size for example:
*Babies/hatchling: 10gal tank
*juveniles: 20gal
*sub-adults: 30-40gal
*large adults: 40-55gal
Since your bp is skinny feed the right prey size no bigger than the widest part of its body and feed every week. Its good hat your getting another bulb just like the first person said they get cold in the wild but the wild is different from captivity although you should get a scale(I’ll post a link to a site where its affordable) and see a vet because fast and heavy breathing isn’t good. And I also hate pet stores for the same reason as above. Also chances are your bp is wild caught so quarantine for at least 6 months.

Temps/humidity ranges but as humidity goes I keep at 60-70% , 70-80% during shedding and my temps are 75-80 cool end, ambient room temp mid 80s warms side mid-high 80s with a basking spot at 90-94.

Snake scale:

01/19/16  10:27am


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  Message To: NyxKnight   In reference to Message Id: 2316613

 New Ball Python, Brand New Owner

I just got a bp and I am also new to this.i was wondering why my bp try’s to escape from my hands when I pick it up and what do I do when it does this

03/01/16  02:39pm


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  Message To: Snakesr#1   In reference to Message Id: 2317288

 New Ball Python, Brand New Owner

Just leave the bp until its accustomed to its surroundings and enclosure then you may start interacting although bps in my opinion isn’t the snake you want to hold frequently just because they get stressed quick, especially babies

03/01/16  03:39pm

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