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 Another concerned owner.

I have read several of the other posts but it doesn’t explain to me enough. My ball python bobs his head up and done every time either my wife or I go by him. He is not balled up or anything like that but just bobs his head up and down. He was not bought from a breeder so I don’t believe he is a morph of any kind. He was caught in the wild. I did purchase him from a pet store though. I am just really concerned for his health. I have had him one week and I was getting ready to feed him tomorrow. Is this a good idea or should I wait a bit longer and let him finish adjusting?

10/30/15  12:32am


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  Message To: MontyPython420   In reference to Message Id: 2315440

 Another concerned owner.

Please do not feed him right away he needs to get used to his surrounding I have one for several years. The reason he does that is he’s checking things out. Make sure he has a safe place to be those snakes typically are loners. Put a box at each end of the aquarium. How big is he.. Meaning approx. length.

11/05/15  03:58pm


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  Message To: Nouvel17   In reference to Message Id: 2315532

 Another concerned owner.

Is his morph perhaps a Spider?.... they have something called "the wobble". It’s normal.

04/16/16  06:21pm

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