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Saibralynn   Kitty125  

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My boyfriend and I recently got our first baby ball python who has mites. (we knew when we bought him but she gave us information) The pet-store caretaker told us to put down new paper towels every night. We more recently did some research that we shouldn’t hold them as often when we first got him. Kind of already made that mistake, hasn’t shown any signs of stress from that. (thankfully) My boyfriend’s brother works with a fellow snake owner and they suggested putting him in water to drown the mites and we have noticed that doing so has definitely stressed him out. We are trying to take as many precautions as possible now for causing more stress and we have decided not to hold him for a few weeks but need to change the substrate. Any suggestions please?

08/12/15  10:51pm


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Cover your snake in vegitable oil everything but the head and put him in a tanke with paper towls rinse the oil off the next day repeat until all the mites are gone.

10/17/16  09:17am

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