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 UPDATE: Daytona EXPO Auction

This year the National Reptile Breeders Expo will benefit USARK with it’s fundraising auction on Saturday night August 20th. Wayne Hill has never agreed to have his auction benefitthe same organization twice. He realizes the dire place our young industry is in facing the Rule Change at US Fish & Wildlife Service. He knows that the money that goes to USARK will go directlytowards fighting this biggest threat we have ever faced to our hobby and businesses. Please donate generously to fund this Big Fight! You don’t have to be vending or in attendance to donate.... and you can donate anything you like that has value; collectables, electronics, books, art, curios, antiques, animals, caging, dry goods... anything of value. If you are a big name in this business please donate something special.... This is our last and best chance to defeat this federal rulemaking thatthreatens the entire industry. The precedent set here could impact Ball pythons, Leopard Geckos and anything non-native to the US. Money raised will go directly to fund this fight. If you ever wantedto do something this is the time!!! Zoo Med will match all funds raised up to $100,000 for the year.

REPTILES Magazine is hosting an auction party from 7-9pm on Saturday night preceeding the Auction... Come Party with the Reptile Nation!!

How to Donate- All Donations should be sent to the Ocean Center

For all donations please include your name, company name, item description (genetics & sex if live animal) and retail value. Business cards work great.

Live Animal Donations- If you are attending the show please drop off at USARK Booth. If you are not attending the show please ship for Thursday delivery to address below.

Non Live Animal Donations- Please include name, description and value. Donations do not have to be Herp related. They can be anything of interest; books, art, antiques, jewelry, collectables… anything. Youcan drop at USARK Booth or ship to address below.

c/o Wayne Hill
Ocean Center
101 N. Atlantic Ave
Daytona Bch, Fl 32118

Tom Crutchfield has pledged 1.1 Dominican Red Hatian Boas to the Auction and is challenging other industry leaders to donate something special.

08/15/11  07:31pm

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